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What is Timemine?

Timemine is a graphical desktop front to add and edit time entries in the project management tool Redmine [http://www.redmine.org]. Timemine show a daily view of the time entries for the logged in user and a summary for each day in a tree view. It stays in the background and is accessible via a tray icon.



Screen shots

Fig. 1: Today time entries tab
Fig. 2: All entries tab
Fig. 3: Add new time entry


Timemine is currently under GPL version 2.


If you are interested in development work and the most recent development version, please contact me.


Note: versions with a character suffix are bug-fix versions.

Sources: timemine-0.06e.tar.bz2
md5sum: c700e384ac1c540485ffc76ab1e92bc7

Binary packages:

System Version Package md5sum
Linux, 32bit+64bit 0.06e timemine-0.06e-linux.tar.bz2 13e94160c4e723fe19409f9fdb911a08
Solaris, 32bit 0.06e timemine-0.06e-solaris.tar.bz2 337d48b5c6ffb24bd1f9322f52a3d595
MacOS X, 32bit+64bit 0.06e timemine-0.06el-macosx.tar.bz2 8558b5c709303fcecb81ddc3028b3578
Windows, 32bit+64bit 0.06e timemine-0.06e-windows.zip b87c535c419ce9948b50a41799448a8c

Note: currently I have no access to a Solaris and MacOS X system where I can test the Solaris and MacOS X packages.


2017-03-21 0.06e
  * fixed possible missing day in week overview
  * fixed new update changelog text
2017-03-19 0.06d
  * fixed date format in date widget: use format from

2017-02-23 0.06c
  * fixed exception when web-browser cannot be opened

2017-02-23 0.06b
  * fixed error message when login fail

2017-02-22 0.06a
  * added missing image "offline"
2017-02-22 0.06
  * added support to check for newer Timemine version on
  * fixed create new issue: typing error, removed debug
  * server small fixes
2016-05-15 0.05
  * added rest time button at top right
  * fixed show hierachically structured issues
2016-05-15 0.04
  * added tab projects&issues
  * added special issue select combo box
  * added support for offline-usage
  * improved today view issues
  * added auto-refresh time window
  * improved handling sync errors
  * many bug fixes...

2013-07-28 0.03
  * fix missing image filter.png
  * improve move time entry

2013-06-04 0.02
  * support SSL
  * improved add/edit time entries
  * improved caching of Redmine server data
  * added sum to daily tab
  * added environment variables TIMEMINE_NAME, TIMEMINE_PASSWORD
  * many clean-ups

2013-03-29 0.01
  * initial release: first published version of Timemine

Any feedback is welcome. Please send an email to: torsten.rupp at gmx.net Back to top