Name: Torsten Rupp
Location: Kiel, Germany
email: torsten.rupp at

My projects

BAR: backup archiver program
Onzen: Front end for CVS, SVN, HG, GIT
Timemine: Desktop front end for Redmine time entries
C dynamic list library
safe C string library
C dynamic string library
C dynamic string list library
C ringbuffer library
Table layout for Java SWT
dprintf for Java
Simple string parser for Java
Some additional Java SWT widgets
Some plugins for Geany:

Some programming demos in C, C++, and/or Java

Embedd native Mesa OpenGL in Java SWT window
LZMA compression and decompression in C
Output a stacktrace in C/C++ including symbol information

My ph.d. thesis

Absolute robot localization with encoded landmarks (in German)